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Limo Hire in Melbourne

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The more info you supply upon initial contact the more we can refine the quote.
Paying a deposit and booking months ahead assures you of the exact time slot you require.

Complete contact information

If you have any special requirements please mention them upon your initial contact.
If you require more than one pick-up or drop-off point – please provide the areas of each.

Precise information you provide here enables us to refine and present you with an excellent quote plus the very best in service possible to meet your requirements.

Information we require when hiring a stretch limousine

Below is the basic information required for an initial quote, full itinerary details can be provided later.

Or you can use our contact form to supply information we require when requesting a quote or hiring a Stretch limousine.

Details required

1. Name:
2. Phone:
3. Email:

4. What is the occasion:
5. Total passengers:

6. Full date:
7. Time of pick-up: (& state either AM or PM)

8. Pick-up: address or area:
9. Drop off: area or address:

10. Do you require a return trip or ART (After Reception Transfer to your honeymoon suite)


Return Trips

If Yes for just a return trip, you can state “reverse of the previous information”

Or Yes for an ART, please supply the return or ART info for question’s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

5. Number of passengers:
6. Date:
7. Pick-up time: (and state either AM or PM)

8. Pick up: area or address:
9. Destination: area or address:


Special Requirements

11/ PLEASE NOTE. Do you have any special requirements like;

Multiple pick-up points & or drop-offs
Do you have luggage.
Are child seats required.
What items can we carry in the limo.
Can we leave items in the boot for the return trip.
I need to take a collapsible wheelchair or walking frame.

Providing this information makes your event a pleasant experience and hassle free.
Also we can provide you with the best price quote possible with no hidden after hire charges.

Kind Regards,
Lindsay K. Atkinson
PH: 0405 997 070
Accredited: 199529

LeGrand Limousine Central - Limousine Hire Melbourne

LeGrand Limousine Central
ABN: 53 166 585 025

Terms and Conditions

Please keep in mind that if changes to your original enquiry occur – this would possibly also change the price quoted.

If you require O/Time – rates are applicable per quarter hour.


A minimum deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your limousine.
Deposit can be paid via direct debit using our BSB & account number.
Balance can be paid COD on the day,
Just pop it in an envelope with your name and the amount and offer to the chauffeur upon his arrival.
Or you may pay the same way as the deposit and needs to be done a week before the booking date.

Integrity and Reliability

Professional hire limousines are always on-time, other than that they are sharp!
Time starts when the limousine initially arrives.

To book or if you need any more information
Please call anytime or just respond via email.


Book early to secure your limousine hire in Melbourne