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FAQs Melbourne Limousine Hire – frequently asked questions and answers.

Our FAQs page hopefully answers the most common asked questions.
If there is any other information you may require please do not hesitate.
Contact one of our friendly staff, we are always here for you.

1/ How much does it cost to hire a limousine?

Limousine hire prices quoted can depend on many factors.
Different limos have different rates
Hire is normally quoted by the hour.
How many kilometers may be involved.
The area and access to and from that you may need to be picked up from.
You may have multiple pick-up points along the way or out of the way.
The number of passengers.
The time of day or night.
Off peak or Peak times of the day or week.
Public holidays can have a different price.
Major sporting events, concerts, multiple hours can have a different price.
Time in between drop-off and maybe the Return trip can make a difference in price.
You may require a baby seat or booster, it may be a wedding and they supply the ribbon, tulle, red carpet, umbrellas, the list goes on.

2/ What is the best way to obtain a quote for limo hire?

The best way to get a great price and save on the confusion is to be prepared in knowing what you would like to have in place for the occasion.
Ring and talk with in person to one of our exceptional and mindful staff.
Once we know what you require we always provide a great offer.
You can contact us for a quote using our contact page

3/ What information is required to obtain a quote?

    • 1. Name:
      2. Phone:
      3. Email:
    • 4. What is the occasion:
      5. Total Passengers:
    • 6. Full Date:
      7. Time of Pick-up: (& state either AM or PM)
    • 8. Pick-up: Area or Address:
      9. Drop off: Area or Address:
    • 10. Do you require a Return trip or ART (After Reception Transfer to your Honeymoon suite)
      If YES, Please re supply info for Question’s 5, 6, 7 and 8 & 9 for the Return trip.
    • 11. PLEASE let us know if you have any special requirements like,

a/ Multiple Pick-up points & or Drop-offs (areas or addresses are required when quoting)
b/ Do you have luggage.
c/ Are child seats or boosters required.
d/ Can I take this (item) in the limo.
e/ Is it possible to leave items in the boot for the Return trip.
f/ I need to take a collapsible wheelchair or walking frame.

Providing this information makes your event a pleasant experience & hassle free.
Also we can provide you with the best price/quote possible with no hidden after hire charges.

4/ What is meant by a return package?

A return package is when the limousine picks you up and takes you to your event and then returns at a later prearranged time to pick you up and take you back to your original location – or possibly another location.

5/ Do I need to pay a deposit for limousine hire?

Yes, we ask for a $100.00 deposit.
We send you our BSB number and account details.
Once deposit is received we confirm by a text message to your phone.
You are welcome to pay in full at this time although we offer the option for you to pay the balance
on the day of hire COD.
Using a BSB and Account there are no extra charges.
We do not use C/C’s as we do not like the extravagant charges imposed by banks.

6/ How far in advance do we need to book?

The answer is ASAP.
Limousine hire needs to be Pr-Booked by law.
You cannot just hire off the street like a taxi.
For a wedding it is not uncommon for a bride to book 18 months in advance.

7/ What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, bank transfer (EFT)

8/ Is the quote by phone or email the final price?

Absolutely! The price we quote you is inclusive of all fees.
If you change the requirements after the quote then we reserve the right to adjust the price quoted.

9/ What do we get when we hire a limousine?

Another one of the FAQs asked every now and then.
For starters the limousine is immaculately presented they take hours to clean and maintain at the highest level.
Your chauffeur is highly experienced as a chauffeur as well as a great host.
The limousine will arrive sharp at the time you designate, you will also arrive at your destination right on time.
Doors are opened and closed for you, your chauffeur may offer a hand when exiting the limo.
Sometimes people like us to open a bottle or two and pour their first drink.
We always listen to our clients and then take their lead.

Extra items you bring can be placed in the boot, your chauffeur looks after everything.
Each type of hire may require a different approach on the day, so therefor many other aspects and things that your chauffeur may do or not do on the day are at the discretion of a great chauffeur.
When you are in a super stretch limousine an experienced chauffeur knows exactly how to drive and maneuver these large vehicles, you don’t get thrown around inside the vehicle like what can happen when your on a bus or with an inexperienced driver who jambs on the brakes or takes corners to fast.
There is so much more to limousine hire and what a great company provides.

Your job is to kick back and relax.

10/ What vehicles do you offer for hire?

Our fleet includes fully licensed VHA sedans, super stretch limousines.

11/ Can I book a limousine per hour?

Yes, our limousines can be booked by the hour and the fee depends on your requirements.

12/ Is there a charge if I need to make a stop or pick-up another client ?

The additional stops are charged per stop (allow 10 to 15 minutes per stop).
When organizing your hire for weddings provide an itinerary so that all goes to plan for you.
An Itinerary for any type of hire is always helpful.
Being such large vehicles logistics play a major part, trips are plotted so that the limousine can go by the best roads etc possible.

13/ Is there a fee for waiting periods?

Depends, an unscheduled waiting time can apply if there is no alternative for the limo company.

14/ Can we drink in the limo?

Yes, in moderation, unruly or aggressive patrons is not tolerated, hire can be cancelled due to unreasonable conduct.

15/ Do you supply drinks?

We offer a complimentary bottle of sparkling and always have chilled or bottled water at hand.

16/ Can we bring our own drinks?

You are always welcome to provide your own beverages but not to excess.

17/ Do you provide glasses?

Yes there is 12 champagne flutes and 4 tumblers in each of our limousines.
We also carry an extra supply of clean glasses.

18/ Do we have to take our rubbish with us?

Excess rubbish should be removed by the client.
Also keep in mind that if the limousine is left in a state that stops it from doing its next job then you may be subject to a cleaning fee.
Normally we will look after the few minimal items that are left behind.

19/ Can we eat in the limo?

It is illegal to bring food or eat food in a commercial passenger carrying vehicle.
Although we can carry food in the boot to your destination.

20/ Can we play our music in the limo?

Yes we can supply a cable to the earphone connection on your phone or device, Music on a CD or DVD can also be played.

21/ Do you provide music in the limo?

Yes we have a range of DVD’s that will keep you going.

22/ Do you have lighting effects in the limo?

Yes there is LED, incandescent and laser light effects in our limousines.

23/ What is your privacy policy?

At LeGrand Limousine Central we respect your right to privacy and treat your personal information with the utmost care. Your information is only used to confirm your reservation and/or for questions regarding your hire and service experience. We never allow or supply your information to anyone.

24/ Do you provide child safety seats?

Yes we can provide 1 forward or rearward facing seat and or 1 booster seat. (additional cost)
There are 3 clips for seats, you may like to supply and use your own seats.

25/ Do you charge for driving time to and from your premises or does the time start when the driver arrives at the pickup location?

The time starts when the chauffeur arrives at the first pickup location and finishes once all passengers have left the vehicle.

26/ Are your vehicles insured?

Yes, Our vehicles are fully licensed and insured.

27/ What happens if the limousine breaks down?

An alternate vehicle as similar to the limousine you booked as possible will be provided.

28/ In the event of any damage to the limousine who pays?

The client who makes the booking is normally responsible for payment to repair any damages.

29/ What happens if someone is sick in a limousine?

Depends on if you clean it up or it has to be cleaned professionally, costs can be incurred.

30/ How many passengers and luggage can you take to the airport?

In a ten passenger limousine 6 to 7 passengers and their luggage does not overload the vehicle keeping a safe load carrying capacity ensuring your safety at all times.

31/ What happens if my return flight is delayed?

We closely monitor all flights arriving at the airports. As the estimated arrival time for your flight approaches, our operators react and instruct the chauffeur accordingly. You do not need to call us if your flight is delayed.

32/ Are pets allowed inside vehicles?


33/ Is smoking allowed?

No, smoking is not allowed in commercial passenger carrying vehicles.

34/ What if I have left something in a limousine?

Please call us as soon as you realize you left something. All cars are cleaned at the end of hire, any items are placed in the lost/found bin. We will gladly arrange to assist in the return of lost items. LeGrand Limousine Central reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if required.
Please note that LeGrand Limousine Central is not responsible for lost or damaged items left in the vehicles.

35/ What is your cancellation policy?

We can cancel your initial booking and offer to reschedule your limousine experience but if this is not possible or except-able please keep in mind that booking fees are non-refundable.

36/ Do we need to tip the driver?

It’s up to you, if your chauffeur looks after you and you feel inclined then why not acknowledge your chauffeur as he would be delighted, even an encouraging word in appreciation for providing a great service just makes our day.

37/ If you have any FAQ’s that needs an answer just click to call 0405 997 070


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