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Hire by the Hour – Limousine car hire how to book

If you require hire by the hour for a one way trip for Melbourne or surrounding areas.
Limousine hourly hire, what a wonderful way to travel!

Reasons for hire

You or your friends do not have to drive, saves a heap in fuel costs.
You don’t need to find a parking space or even pay for parking.
You do not pay Toll fees as such as they are included in the quoted price.
You will arrive right at the front entrance or as close as we can get.
Everyone can kick back and relax and enjoy the journey together.
Talk, listen and watch music, enjoy the lighting show

Hiring a limousine on an hourly rate is easy.

Two easy ways to get a quote,
1/ You could call us on 0405 997 070
2/ You could use the Contact form page.

Our Contact page asks the basic questions we need to provide an initial quote.
You can fine tune the details once you know you would like to book.
Simply fill out the Contact page answering these basic questions.

1/ Name:
2/ Phone:
3/ Email:
4/ No of Passengers:
5/ Occasion:
6/ Date:
7/ Time:
8/ Area from:
9/ Area to:

Do you require a return*?

*If a Return is required it can still be booked each way by the hour.


This information provides an overview of what is required for your occasion.
From there we offer an initial quote.
When you initially book, we will send you information in regard to making a deposit.
Once the deposit is received the booking is now secured.


FAQs – Any questions you may find the answer here


For Chrysler, Lincoln, Rolls, Hummer, SUV,
Or any other kind of luxury exotic vehicles for any occasion or just because you can.
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