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Wedding hire covers many facets of your wedding day from dresses to the ceremony, reception and the list goes on.
Limousine hire is just as important to get right the first time.

Some questions that you may be asking yourself.


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1/ How should I choose the right wedding hire limousine?

I would say the first two things to consider are,
Your budget for the day.
The latest limousines demand top dollar and usually have a minimum 3 hour hire.
Our stretch limousines are considered classics and therefor we offer a lower rate.
Super stretch limousines are offered at one, two, three or four hour packages.

The second way to look at which limo? Is what limo overall really appeals to you.
New limousines like Chrysler, Hummer, SUV or others are available.
Seating in new limousines tends to be flat and not as comfortable as a classic limo.
Access into the limo can be a problem only having a rear entrance near the tire.
On the other hand you may prefer a classic limousine that has traditional values and is a true limousine built for comfort and style with a center opening door.
Classic limousines in Melbourne are maintained to an exceptional condition inside and out.
Just because they are a few years older don’t overlook them.
Our limousines are maintained at the top level, we have a great return client base.

2/ How many passengers total?

You may travel initially with say 7 passengers in the limo to the ceremony.
Four of the passengers may be your brides maids.
The others may be friends or family.
Your husband to be may have 4 groomsmen + himself.
So you need a ten seat limousine minimum to transport you all to your reception.
You may need a larger limo if you need to transport more people during the day
for photos at various locations.

3/ How many hours do you require?

First two things to help you decide are,
Once you know what time your ceremony is and what time you need to be at your reception,
then everything starts to fall into place.
Also decide if you are having photos at other locations where the limousine would be your preference for transport.
Example: Your ceremony is at 1.30pm and reception is at 5.30pm and you would like photos at a location elsewhere, then you actually require the limo for 5 hours starting at 12.30pm or 1pm if ceremony venue is very close.

4/ Hire by the hour

You may just require a limousine that will transport you to your ceremony in elegance and style.
This may not even take an hour, keep in mind that every company we know of charges by the hour. It is a starting point, we can tell you from experience you will easily need the hour.
You may hire for the first hour at an agreed price, then if you go overtime there will be a negotiable O/T rate per quarter hour increments.
See info re Hire by the hour.

5/ Wedding hire package

The limo may be required to just take you to the ceremony first.
Limousine waits until after the wedding ceremony and whisks you all to have great photos at various locations prior to you all arriving at the wedding reception.
The time required for the above varies anywhere from 2 hours plus and can be a whole day in some occasions.
You may also like to have an (ART) After Reception Transfer to your honeymoon suite in the stretch or a maybe a sedan.
Various vehicles are available upon consultation.
All of the above can be included in a Package price.
Rates are cheaper when additions are included in a package.

6/ Wedding hire limousines always book early

Always book well in advance if possible to secure your limousine of choice.
Early enquiries allow for attention to detail.
After you have booked your limousine the finer details in regards to an itinerary can be amended as required so that your day runs smoothly.

7/ Just call or contact us for any information you may require.

If you still don’t know where to start,
just call 0405 997 070 or contact us.

We can tailor your requirements to suit your expectations.
All good things take time.
Everything is possible with planning and forethought.

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